Cooking Miles: BEARCAKES (x)

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i use the word fuck so excessively i sometimes forget it’s a swear word

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I seriously need to know why some white boys find it okay to even vocalize that they’ve never had sex with a black girl but want to.


Can you not treat women of color as if they are only here to complete your weird ebony jungle fever fantasies.

Last time I checked we didn’t do anything different.

We don’t wear an African head wrap and sing negro spirituals while we’re on top of you.

Stop it.



You were so focused on whether you COULD do it, you never stopped to ask whether you SHOULD.” - Ian Malcolm, Jurassic Park

Oh my God who are you

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Rejjie Snow // Loveleen


im so worried about tall boys….be safe…be careful up there… maybe u should come down here and kiss me

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my middle name is actually $

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